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McAlpine 90mm Shower Trap Washer for Thick Trays

A thin replacement rubber seal for the McAlpine 90mm shower traps to seal under the tray, designed for thicker trays

113mm outside diameter - 95mm inside diameter - 9.5mm thickness

Found on all McAlpine 90mm shower traps: ST90CP10, ST90CB10, ST90WH10, ST90CPB-P, ST90CPB-S, ST90CP10-70, ST90CB10-70, ST90WH10-70, ST90CPB-P-70, ST90CPB-S-70, ST90CP10-V, ST90CB10-V, ST90WH10-V, ST90CPB-P-V, ST90CPB-S-V, ST90CP10-HP, ST90CB10-HP, ST90WH10-HP, ST90CPB-P-HP, ST90CPB-S-HP, ST90CP10-HP2, ST90CB10-HP2, ST90WH10-HP2, ST90CPB-P-HP2, ST90CPB-S-HP2

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