McAlpine 1.1/2 TeeVent Appliance / Sink Trap WM4 - 40004026

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McAlpine 1.1/2 TeeVent Appliance / Sink Trap WM4

A 40mm or 1.1/2 inch TeeVent trap that will fit most kitchen sink outlets and allow you to connect waste from an appliance through the TeeVent system

To connect an appliance directly to this trap without the TeeVent connector please see the WMF3 or WMF4 nozzles - These will fit in place of the blanking plug

To connect a TeeVent conector please see TV1 which will fit directly in to the trap or TV2 if you plan to have the TeeVent further away from the trap with a length of pipe connecting the two.

Height adjustable up to 10 inches

Please note that all prices include 20% VAT

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