Plumbers Mate - Our exceptionally high standards

As the majority of you know the Plumbers Mate has been trading for over 30 years with the founding director still in charge. But its not how long a company has existed that proves their reliability.

I know at this point that you maybe thinking that "oh here we go again another business trying to idolize themselves" but please hear me out.

We have earned the respect of many builders, plumbers, decorators and general public because we will do the utmost to make sure that you fix your problem, regardless whether you are buying something or not. If we cannot provide you with the item you want then we will recommend somewhere else that you can get it.

Don't you just hate buying the wrong item and then finding out the store you bought it from won't give you a refund or help you with your problem?
If we supply you with the wrong item then as long as you bring the receipt and the item back to us we will  give you a refund or replace the item.

Another thing that annoys me is when you walk in to any of these big 'superstores' and the staff just give you the same old rehearsed lines talking as if they are programmed machines. Our staff? We are friendly and best of all we are family so we all get along and can work well together.

Training programs we've all heard of them. Here we don't have a training program, we learn how things work and what things are by going round, picking up item and our knowledge increases the longer we do this. This might not be the most fun way of learning but it is the best way.

As all of the staff having been through this process we are able to give you a high standard of service that we are known for.

Thank you, if you have stuck with me through this then thank you.

And remember that it is not about size or quantity, it is the quality that counts.