Just a few plumbing tips

Just though I would write up some plumbing tips for you,

- A basin is the one in the bathroom, the sink is the one in the kitchen. There is no such thing as a bathroom sink.

- If your tap is dripping you DON'T have to replace your tap, it just means you need a new tap works or monobloc cartridge

- If water is pouring in to your toilet pan that means that your flush valve washer is not sealing correctly, you may need a new one or you may just need to see if something is stopping it

- If your toilet cistern is constantly filling, then your filling valve will most likely need a new washer inside, just remember to turn off your water first. If it doesn't work then you'll need a new fill valve

- Only do it yourself if you know what you are doing, but if you are not 100% sure on what you are doing, find someone who does or you could end up needing a plumber anyway.

- The only thing you get for less is less, don't settle for the cheapest, they can cost you money more money when they inevitably break. Spend that little extra and save having to replace items every couple of months. We know it doesn't come cheap but they do last longer.

- Mira showers don't need a special "Mira hose" any standard shower hose will do exactly the same, they both have the same 1/2 inch thread. In some cases you will need an extra fibre washer if the outlet thread is shorter

- If you have a gravity fed system and you need flexible hoses for your bath taps make sure that you get full bore hoses to ensure the best flow.

- Try to avoid screwing flexible hoses on to isolating valves, the valves thread are not designed to do that. They will grind the washer and over time will start to leak. Flexible hoses are available with integrated isolation valves. If there is no other option then do not overtighten the nut and use fibre washers instead of rubber.

- When getting new flexible hoses for your monobloc tap make sure that you get the correct thread size, it is usually either 10mm or 12mm. Some imported taps have an M8 thread which we have an adapter for.